About Us

Bringing the music of Rush to life with passion and precision

The Spirit of Rush tribute band captivates Rush fans and rock-music lovers alike. Spanning Rush’s catalog, the band astounds audiences of all ages with extraordinary musicianship and unwavering dedication.

Now in their eleventh year together, The Spirit of Rush radiates palpable chemistry on stage and creates a fun-filled, lively experience for fans and newcomers. With Rush no longer touring, fans flock to The Spirit of Rush shows to hear their favorite music recreated with incredible energy. 

The Spirit of Rush plays regularly to sold-out crowds and gets multiple standing ovations at nearly every show. In addition to their stage shows, the band has broadcast several livestream concerts, earning them a global fan base.

The Spirit of Rush creates the authentic Rush sound, with lead vocalist Vicki Hudson as an exceptional match for Geddy Lee’s tone and vocal range. Fans at every show say to her, "You sound just like him!" Bassist and keyboardist Ed Shelton completes Geddy's sound with his mind-blowing multitasking. Guitarist Reese Boyd amazes audiences with his exacting Alex Lifeson tones and soaring riffs, and drummer Casey Shelton uses his skills to pay a meticulous, heartfelt tribute to the late, great Neil Peart.

Combined the four members of The Spirit of Rush have thousands of hours of professional performance experience. Because of the complexity of Rush music, The Spirit of Rush spent months honing its set list before playing live for the public.

With deep commitment and devotion, The Spirit of Rush keeps the spirit of Rush music alive!

“What a phenomenal tribute band. I got choked up when the band came out of the lead section of Freewill. So spot on, and those vocals...goosebumps!” -Michael Whitlow

The Spirit of Rush is:
Vicki Hudson: Lead vocals
Reese Boyd: Guitar, synth pedals
Ed Shelton: Bass, keyboards, synth pedals
Casey Shelton: Drums, percussion

Vicki Hudson

Lead Vocals

Reese Boyd

Guitar, Synth Pedals

Ed Shelton

Bass, Keys, Synth Pedals, Vocals

Casey Shelton

Drums, percussion

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